The Top 4 Commercial Rabbit Cages for Superior Comfort of Your Bunny 2024

Commercial Rabbit Cages

Looking for a new crib for your furry pals? So many commercial rabbit cages choices, right? How to pick the perfect pad for your rabbits or guinea pigs? What features matter? How to compare different brands? No sweat, we got your back. Today, we’re checking out two top-notch rabbit cages: the MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage and the Ferplast Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage with Wire Extension.

Here Is The List Of The 4 Best Commercial Rabbit Cages:

We’ll dive into their cool stuff, the ups and downs, and help you figure out which one suits you and your pets. Ready, set, go!

rabbits in cage

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

Check out the MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage! It’s a real game-changer for your furry buddies. This cage is like the superhero of pet homes, great for indoors and outdoors. Made from super-tough alloy steel, setting it up is a breeze – no tools required. It’s around 25 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 20 inches tall, giving your rabbit plenty of room to do its thing.

Key Features:

  1. Quick Snap: This cage practically pops up in seconds – no tools, no hassle!
  2. Doors Everywhere: Doors on top and upfront, making it super easy for you and your pet to get in.
  3. Latch ‘n’ Chill: Sliding latch action for smooth, one-handed door control – your rabbit’s fortress is safe.
  4. Cleanup Snap: Pull out the plastic pan through the front for an easy-breezy cleaning routine.
  5. Mesh Magic: The floor’s got this 1/2-inch grid mesh deal – it’s like a spa day for your rabbit’s hocks!
  6. Inside or Outside? Why Not Both: This cage is cool with whatever vibe – indoor chill or outdoor thrill.
  7. Sizes, Sizes, Sizes: Take your pick: 25L x 19W x 20H inches or 37L x 19W x 20H inches – because bunnies come in all sizes!


  1. Snap-tastic Assembly: Blink, and it’s ready to roll – saving you time for more important stuff.
  2. Door Drama: Open from the top or front – your pet’s choice. Easy peasy interaction.
  3. Latch ’em Down: Slide latch is the VIP of safety, making sure your rabbit stays where it should.
  4. Clean Freaks Rejoice: Front-access plastic pan makes cleaning up a breeze – hygiene game strong!
  5. Hock Heaven: That 1/2 inch grid mesh floor is like a bunny spa day – total comfort vibes.


  1. Price Tag Pinch: Some folks might think it’s a tad pricey – budget alert!
  2. Size Snag: Two sizes are cool, but more choices would be the cherry on top for some picky customers.

Ferplast Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

Big Ferplast Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage with Wire Extension gives your rabbits or guinea pigs a huge, comfy home. It’s like a rabbit palace—63.8 inches long, 23.62 inches wide, and 19.68 inches tall, with a bonus wire spot for nesting. Your furry pals will love it!

Key Features:

  1. Super Starter Kit: This cage comes with all the goods – 2 big water bottles, 2 hay feeders, a food bowl, and a cool elevated eating spot. Perfect for 1-2 rabbits or 3 guinea pigs.
  2. Huge Design: Extra-extra-large living space lets your pets run wild and stay healthy. They’ll have a blast in there!
  3. Cleaning Made Easy: The base is 5.5 inches deep, containing the chaos. Pull it out for a quick clean-up, toss out the mess – super simple.
  4. Doors Galore: Multiple doors for easy access. Get in, pet your pals, breeze through your daily tasks.
  5. Bonus Wire Nesting: More wire space for nesting. Add variety, let your pets choose their spots in style.
  6. Ferplast Quality Assurance: We’ve got your back with a 1-year warranty. Built to last, keeping your pets thrilled.
  7. Gap Size and Wire Power: A 24-millimeter gap, robust wire. Safe and strong – your pets are fortress-secure.


  1. All-Inclusive: No extra shopping – water, hay, food gear, all in the box. Pet care made effortless!
  2. Spacious Haven: A personal playground for your pets. Let them roam, let them groove – it’s healthy.
  3. Swift Cleaning: Yank out the base, toss the junk. Keeping it neat is a breeze.
  4. Shake It Up: More wire space means creative zones. Tailor your pet’s place, keep it interesting!
  5. Ferplast Promise: 1-Year Warranty. We stand by our product, so you can buy with confidence.


  1. Shaky Stuff: Some folks worry about the cage’s sturdiness. Something to think about for future versions.
  2. Building Blues: Assembly is a bit tricky. Takes time and focus to put it all together.

YITAHOME Metal 2-Tiers Small Animal Cages

Meet the YITAHOME Metal 2-Tiers Small Animal Cage – it’s like a cool pad for grown-up rats, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, cats, guinea pigs, and big hamsters. The Single-Story Critter Nation Cage from the YITAHOME Store is all about giving your pets a chill and fun spot.

Key Features:

  1. No Slippy Business: The plastic pad and stairs are wrapped in nylon, making it slide-proof for your pet’s paws. Safety first!
  2. Lock Game Strong: A special lock to outsmart sneaky pets. Squirrels won’t crack this code. It’s like a secret lair for your critters.
  3. Sky’s the Limit: The guinea pig pad has a roof door – easy cleanups and up-close with your fuzzy buddies. Top-down fun!
  4. Double Decker: Two floors for double trouble. Ramp it up for playing or chill zones. Perfect for party animals like guinea pigs and rabbits.
  5. Roll with It: 4 wheels that spin 360° – indoors or outdoors, it’s a critter parade! Bonus: a rack for pet stuff on top.
  6. Chew-Proof MVP: Rated 4.5 by pet VIPs. No gnawing it down. Your pet’s safe, and the cage is a beast.
  7. EZ-PZ Setup: No rocket science here. Easy assembly – pet paradise in no time.


  1. Critter Kingdom: Room to roam and snooze for your pets.
  2. Lock and Key: Fort Knox for small animals.
  3. Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’: Wheels for a pet parade.
  4. Sky’s Open: Peek-a-boo roof for easy hangs.
  5. Bite-Proof Build: Chew on this – it’s pet Fort Knox.


  1. Shaky Ground: Some folks say it’s a 3.8 for rock-solidness. Hyper pets, beware.
  2. Puzzle Time: A 3.6 for setup ease. Might need some brainpower.

PawHut 2-Level Small Animal Cage Rabbit

Check out the PawHut 2-Level Small Animal Cage Rabbit Hutch with Wheels! It’s not just your usual pet crib; it’s like a stylish pad for your small furballs. Ideal for rabbits, pet mink, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and more.

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Setup: Big inside space with a non-slip ramp and two openings—top and front. Easy for you and your pet to dive in.
  2. Rolling Fun: Four wheels, two with brakes! Roll it around your home or yard like a champ. Keep your pets close, no sweat.
  3. Cleaning Made Simple: Pull out the tray, and voila! Cleaning’s a breeze. Hygienic vibes without breaking a sweat.
  4. Top-Notch Build: Strong metal frame, 0.78” and 0.13” wire – built tough. Fully painted metal for wear and tear resistance. This cage means business.
  5. Roomy Vibes: Two sizes, two options – 31.5″L x 20.8″W x 26.0″H or 32″L x 20.75″W x 26″H. Fits all small pets like a champ.
  6. Safety First: Spaced-out bars (0.95”) – no pet stuck situations. Your pet’s safety? Locked in.
  7. Color Your World: Classic black or lively pink – choose your style, match your vibes.


  1. Snap Assembly: Customers love the easy setup. Your pet’s new home – done and dusted in a jiffy.
  2. Comfy Vibes: Users rave about the cozy features – anti-slip ramp and roomy interiors. Your pet’s comfort? Nailed it.
  3. Built Tough: Sturdy metal and top-notch materials – this cage is like a fortress. Your pet’s safety? Secure.
  4. Move & Groove: Thanks to the wheels (two with brakes), moving this crib is a walk in the park. Secure it where you want – easy peasy.
  5. Clean Freak Approved: The removable tray turns cleaning into a no-fuss affair. Healthy living for your pets? Check.


  1. Tiny Pet Alert: Sorry, hamsters and rats – this crib’s for the big leagues.
  2. Price Tango: Different sizes, different prices. Some might find the bigger one a bit heavy on the wallet.

rabbit in cage

Final Words:

Commercial Rabbit Cages ain’t just boxes. They’re like VIP pads for your fluffy buddies. Gotta pick a killer cage that vibes with their style.

Check out MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat or Ferplast Krolik XXL, both solid choices. Mad space, comfy AF, and easy to handle. Setting up, cleaning, and reaching in? Piece of cake.

They come with dope features and gear. Super sturdy and safe too, so your pets are living the good life. Why wait? Hook your furry pals up with a fresh crib now and see them bouncing with happiness!

FAQs on Commercial Rabbit Cages

What are the best materials for commercial rabbit cages?

The best materials for commercial rabbit cages include galvanized steel, stainless steel, and durable plastics like polypropylene and PVC. These materials are chosen for their durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to corrosion.

How much space do rabbits need in a commercial cage?

The amount of space required varies depending on the rabbit’s size and whether the cage is for individual or colony housing. As a general rule, each rabbit should have enough space to move freely, stretch out, and exhibit natural behaviors.

Can I use a commercial rabbit cage for both indoor and outdoor use?

Some commercial rabbit cages are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but it is important to ensure they are appropriately weatherproofed and secure for outdoor environments. Outdoor cages should provide protection from the elements and predators.

How often should I clean commercial rabbit cages?

Commercial rabbit cages should be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene and prevent disease. Daily spot cleaning and weekly thorough cleanings are recommended, with more frequent cleaning during periods of high humidity or disease outbreaks.

What are the benefits of multi-level rabbit cages?

Multi-level rabbit cages maximize vertical space, allowing more rabbits to be housed in a smaller footprint. They can also provide enrichment by offering different levels for rabbits to explore and exercise.

How do I choose the right commercial rabbit cage for my needs?

Choosing the right commercial rabbit cage depends on factors such as the number of rabbits, the purpose of housing (pets, breeding, meat production, research), available space, and budget. Consider the specific needs of your rabbits and consult with experts if necessary.

Are automated feeding systems worth the investment for commercial rabbit cages?

Automated feeding systems can be a worthwhile investment for large-scale operations, reducing labor and ensuring consistent feeding schedules. They are particularly useful in commercial breeding and meat production setups.


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